York Driving School


York Driving School Classes are Blended Courses which are held online via Zoom and meet all Maine State Driver Education requirements. Students enroll in a 25-hour online AAA component that is completed using a computer or cell phone and monitored by York Driving School. All five driving appointments are two hours long. An online review class is held before attending the Maine “permit test/final exam” which is held in person at York Driving School. 
1. Students must be 15 years old on or before the date of the Parent & Student Orientation Night class to register for a session. 
2. Students must have completed all AAA on time to take the Final Exam as scheduled. 
3. Students do not need to have all 10 behind-the-wheel hours completed before they can take the Final Exam. 



 June  (FULL)


6/8/2024 Materials Pickup in person, times 3:30 -6:00 PM 

6/9/2024 Parent & Student Involvement 6:00 to 7:30 PM

6/10/2024 Zoom Class, 6-9 PM 

6/11/2024 Zoom Class, 6- 9 PM

7/8/2024 Mandatory Review Class 4 -5:30 PM  & AAA Due

7/8/2024 Final Exam   


7/9/2024 Materials Pickup in person, times 3:30 -5:00 PM 

7/9/2024 Parent & Student Involvement 6 to 7:30 PM

7/10/2024 Zoom Class, 6-9 PM 

7/11/2024 Zoom Class, 6-9 PM 

8/1/2024 Mandatory Review Class 6-7:30 PM  & AAA Due

8/1 Final Exam 8 PM or  8/2 8:30 AM 


7/9/2024 Materials Pickup in person, times 3:00 -4:00 PM 

7/9/2024 Parent & Student Involvement 7:30 to 9:00 PM PM

7/10/2024 Zoom Class, 8 – 11 AM 

7/11/2024 Zoom Class, 8-11 AM 

8/1/2024 Mandatory Review Class 8- 9:30 AM  & AAA Due

8/1/2024 Final Exam 10 AM or 8PM 


 8/2/2024 Materials Pickup in person, times TBD

8/5/2024 Parent & Student Involvement 6 to 7:30 PM

8/6/2024 Zoom Class, 6-9 PM 

8/7/2024 Zoom Class, 6-9 PM 

8/26/2024 Mandatory Review Class 6-7:30 PM  & AAA Due

8/27/2024 Final Exam Date, TIME TBD.



Dates TBD / BE 15 on or before September 2  

*Tentative Dates for Sessions – schedules may have a minor date or time change but will not impact the start date/ required birthdate for sign-up any changes will be on the finalized schedule sent out to students and parents 10 days in advance of materials pick up.  

Questions? Email us at yorkdrivingschool@gmail.com

We open registration online 3 times a year. Dates are posted the week before registration begins. 
March 15TH @ 3:30 PM – Open for June – September Sessions
 July 15TH @ 8:00 AM – Open for October to January Sessions
 November 15th @ 3:30 PM – Open for February – May Sessions
 DURING ONLINE REGISTRATION THE DEPOSIT IS PAID – A $350.00 deposit is due at the time of your online registration. There will be a secure checkout link at the end of the online application. Your confirmation that you are registered is your PAID receipt that is emailed. PLEASE – DO NOT REGISTER TWICE. The same payment link is also sent to you via email if it fails to go through or you don’t complete the payment use the emailed link to complete payment and your receipt will be emailed. The deposit is transferable to hold a spot in another York Driving School session with 7 days advance notification before Materials Pick-Up.  

Your deposit payment/receipt email is your confirmation that you are registered. 
Registrations without deposit payment are not reserved in a class.